Future of Skye health services – Staffin residents urged to take part

RESIDENTS in Staffin and Trotternish are being encouraged to take part in important work shaping the future of local health services next month.

NHS Highland is holding three information events in Portree prior to key ‘option appraisals’ workshops aimed at developing an enhanced service for elderly, community and hpsutal care.

It comes almost two years after a grassroots campaign secured Portree Hospital’s future in the face of it being downgraded by the health authority and the publication of the out of hours healthcare Ritchie Report which contained recommendations set out in his report for Skye, Lochalsh and South West Ross.

An Options Appraisal is a technique for reviewing options and analysing the relative benefits of each one. By going through this process it helps to ensure informed decisions are made.

These events are to be held over a number of weeks from mid-February through to mid-April. Residents can attend the information events to hear what the challenges are and ways the communities can work together to assist in the development of a long-term and sustainable solution to provision of community beds and services in North Skye.

These events will be facilitated by Norman Sutherland, of Higher Ground Healthcare Planning, who is an independent facilitator with a significant amount of experience in working with communities and public bodies delivering similar work.

If you would like to be part of the Options Appraisal process, you will benefit from attending as many of the Information Sessions as you can, but you must commit to attending all three of the Options Appraisal workshops. This will ensure you are familiar with the background, current challenges and the context in developing a solution. In committing to participate in the process you are committing to represent the wider views of people in your organisation/service user group/ local communities.

Information Events (Also open to the wider public)

1 – 13th February 2020 from 18:00 – 20:00, Portree High School, main theme/topic is “Care of the Elderly”

2 – 24th February 2020 from 18:00 – 20:00, Portree High School, main theme /topic is “General/Acute/Community/Hospital based care”

3 – 26th February 2020 from 18:00 – 20:00, Portree High School. A discussion on the needs assessment and service data and information.

Options Appraisals: (Not open to general public, invitees only to ensure consistency)

Each workshop is expected to last approximately 3-4 hours. A light supper will be provided.

1- Work shop 1 – 5th March 4:30 pm – close in the Aros Centre, Portree

2- Work shop 2 – 17th March 4:30 pm – close, as above

3- Work shop 3 – 15th April 4; 30pm to close, in Portree High School

The events will provide a shared platform to discuss, debate and agree a best way forward for local services together. There will be wide spread representation from across the Community, the 3rd sector, NHS and supporting organisations such as the Scottish Ambulance Service, NHS24, HIE etc.

Any queries please contact either Sophie Isaacson or Fiona McGeachan