A short walk to the shore at Flodigarry. This is a great spot to find fossils before they are washed away by the sea. We recommend this for families, although the boulders by the shore are very slippy.

A path takes you from the township of Flòdaigearraidh to its scenic and rocky shore. From here you can take in views of Eilean Fhlòdaigearraidh and on a clear day, the mountains of the west coast of mainland Scotland beyond.

For millions of years, there has been a localised geological slippage, which is still ongoing today. This phenomenon is caused by the distinctive soft layers of Jurassic rock being crushed by the heavy overlying lavas.

Distance: 1 mile return

Difficulty: Easy with a good path, although caution is advised if you are looking for fossils on the shoreline.

There is limited parking in the township of Flodigarry. Please park carefully near the red phone box away from any driveway or gates.

Please contact Staffin Dinosaur Museum if you discover an interesting find.

Did you know?

Flodigarry has evidence of Early Christian sites. Martin Martin records that there was a chapel here dedicated to Saint Turos/Doras. The stretch of water between the island and the shoreline is called Poll Dorais the pool of Doras. Two of the most celebrated saints Columba and Mo Luag are commemorated in place-names near to Staffin.

People from this township remember planting potatoes where the sea is now. An abundance of fossil debris can be found on our rocky shore. Please contact The Staffin Dinosaur Museum if you discover an interesting find.

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