Òb nan Ròn

Òb nan Ròn

Òb nan Ròn is a great spot to see wildlife. You can see a wide variety of seabirds and the slipway here is used all year round for fishing.

From here you can follow a path that rises to the high point of this route which is known as Cadha Riabhach, the brindled pass. This path eventually links with Columba 1400, which is a popular place in Staffin where lunches are served all year round. You can then walk alongside the main road on a pavement most of the way. Turn off at the sign for the slipway and make your way back to where you started.

Explore Breun Phoirt, the tidal area to the south, that has a fantastic array of seaweed and rockpools. The rocks along this coastline offer great opportunities for sea fishing. Locals often fish here and catch large pollock and mackerel in Summer.

There is a significant amount of archaeological sites in this area. This includes burial cairns, cleared townships and ruins that could date back to the Norse period and beyond.

Distance: Loop is roughly 2.5 miles

Difficulty: A good path or walking alongside the road for most of this route. Walkers should be aware that you have to use a stile along the route.

This path takes you through Garafad common grazing. Expect to see a mixture of sheep and cattle and keep any pets on a lead at all times.

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