Brothers' Point

Rubha nam Bràithrean

Rubha nam Bràithrean

Rubha nam Bràithrean, or Brothers' Point, is a short walking route to the furthest eastern point of the Trotternish peninsula.

There is a small carpark in Cul na Cnoc, just north of the turn off to Greallainn (Grealin). Carefully cross the road and follow the signs for Rubha nam Bràithrean. The path is straightforward from here.

Low tide reveals some stunning rock pools and a large number of dinosaur footprints. These are protected under the Skye Nature Conservation Order (2019), so look but do not touch.

There are many stories about why this place is called Brothers’ Point but we may never know the true origin of the name. It is certainly a place with a long history.

Follow this link for a short film on Rubha nam Bràithrean. This film was funded by Bòrd na Gàidhlig.

Distance: 2km / 1.5 miles 1 hour return

Difficulty: Easy if you stick to the path. If you go beyond the burn at the bottom of the path, their is no clear route across uneven ground.

This is a delicate environment, so please stick to the path or the shore wherever possible and stay clear of livestock.

Please park considerately at Cul na Cnoc as there is not a great deal of room.

Did you know?

In 2016, a group of palaeontology students found a set of dinosaur footprints dating back 170 million years. At least 50 footprints have been found. Some of them are as big as car tyres.

There are signs that several types of dinosaurs were here – twolegged and four-legged. At the time, Skye was a warm tropical place and the dinosaurs made the prints as they walked across a shallow lagoon.

Useful Information


  • When can we best see the footprints?

    These are only to be seen at mid to low tide. Please search for Staffin tide times, these are pretty close to accurate for this area.

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